A Brief History of Good Lookin Out

2012: Began as an Instagram dedicated to streetwear. From promoting small startups to just posting what is trending in the streetwear world. Pretty much anything that pertained to streetwear we thought was worth a mention.

2013/2014: Started buying goods and recognizing the market of reselling. It all started with buying a piece I really liked and posted it up on social media; which led to a bunch of people asking where I copped it or if I was willing to sell it to them. Which then led to starting up the Good Lookin Out website and trying to push on select social media avenues (Instragram, twitter, facebook, etc.).

2015/2016: Took a small hiatus as I was in the process of moving.

2018: After 2-3 years of hiatus, I did not have any plans of bring back Good Lookin Out, until one day I signed into our website account and saw the analytics. Which made me wonder why I did not continue to pursue the business.

Present: Rebuilding and slowly branching out into small accessories as well as continuing the thrift and resale side. Just hoping to continue bringing unique and affordable items to our page.

Instagram (@goodlookinout) feed from 2014. 

Instagram (@goodlookinout) feed from 2014.